Duration: 75 min.

“One of the top ten shows of the year. “The New York Times


Caravane, the show that propelled the company Urban Tap to the forefront of the US and international scene a decade ago, combines the intensity of urban vibrations with an animist inspiration and draws from the universal language of rhythm to create a spontaneous synergy between dance, music and video images. Based on improvisation, each performance is a unique experience that cannot be reproduced. The concept has developed within the New York underground scene of the 90s in the form of ‘jam sessions’ bringing together, around Tamangoh, musicians, singers, dancers, capoeirists and other artists from around the world, sharing a deep passion for improvisation and rhythm. Invited in 1999 to perform at the Kitchen theater in New York, the company met with Caravane a great success (“One of the ten best shows of the year” according to the New York Times) and marks the beginning of a long collaboration between Tamangoh and VJ Naj (Jean de Boysson) and the integration of the video projections in the show. These images, mixed live and projected all over the stage, serve as a framework and context for the show and are at the same time an integral part of the improvised mix. At the helm of this explosive cocktail is Tamangoh, a revolutionary artist who has been described by the New York Times as “a dancer of breathtaking dexterity that never ceases to amaze us.

“Caravan received a standing ovation worthy of a head of state” San Francisco Chronicle