Congo Square


All public from 8 years

Duration: 1h30


Tamangoh: Tap Dance, Voice & Flute/ France Guyana
Roxane Butterfly: Tap Dance/ France
Jelly Germin: Tap Dance/ France
Omar Edwards: Tap Dance / USA
Andy Moses: Percussion / Trinidad / USA
Tommy Mc Kenzie: Bass/ USA
Tamangoh: Choreography & Scenography

Congo Square, is an invitation to explore
the history of the birth of Jazz.

Its name evokes the mythical place of New Orleans, former slave market, Congo Square is also intimately linked to the voodoo religion that was practiced every Saturday evening on this square where many people came to dance to the rhythm of percussion and to invoke spirits.
Tamangoh leads the review: musicians and dancers join him. The musicians and the dancers inter-act and respond and, the group, will offer us an ode to jazz, blues and African rhythms.
A lot of vocal expression and dance from that time will continue to this day.
Congo Square sounds like the celebration of a melting pot of dance and told history.