Narcisse & Co

A multimedia multimedia choreographic show

Duration: 30 min.

Interpretation: Tamangoh

Written and directed by Jean de Boysson & Tamangoh

“An amazing spectacle” (Music and Digital Culture)

Tightrope walker, on the border between real and virtual, the dancer Tamangoh evolved in the heart of an interactive scenic device combining sound, light and video projections. The scenic universe – a plateau entirely covered with white sand and dunes, shards of mirrors, video images of the dancer projected on sand curtains or on hanging fishing nets – evokes a mineral universe, timeless, which could be Plato’s cave in which man does not know things and of himself only the echoes or shadows cast on the walls. A universe that is an extension of himself: the threads created by the movements of his body, the echo of his steps, the images of himself multiplied endlessly. In Narcisse & Co, Tamangoh becomes a man-orchestra for a total show. Tamangoh is the heir to a long line of ‘hoofers’, these legendary figures of black American tap dance, a tradition that only a few initiates still transmit today. Like his predecessors, he is a master improviser who excels in the art of creating a world or telling a story out of thin air, an alchemical power without which any instrument, even the most sophisticated technological tool, remains empty shell. Tamangoh’s creative flow gives life to a complex multimedia device in the form of a poetic and engaging spectacle.

Narcisse & Co met on stage a man disconnected from human society, an autistic folded in on himself. The play evokes a technological society in which humans seem condemned to lose themselves in the meanders of their own image and to become disembodied in an increasingly virtual world.

Narcisse was created in co-production with the Volcan Scène Nationale in Le Havre and Elmediator Scène conventionée in Perpignan with the support of the National Center for Writing for the show La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon.

“A superb composition” La Dépêche du midi