New-York Revue

A music, dance and video projection show

Duration: 80 mins

Electric and eclectic ballet, multicultural and contemporary big band, New York Revue brings together on stage strong personalities from around the world:
the Japanese flautist Kaoru Watanabe, the Senegalese guitarist Hervé Sambe, the Brazilian master capoerist Cabello Rolim, the young prodigy of the Indian tabla Mosin Kawa, the multi-percussionist without borders Daniel Moreno, the harmonica bear from the Pyrenees Eric Chafer, the fiery hip dancer Beninese hop Antoinette Gomis, the Guadeloupe house dancer Didier Firmin, the contemporary Avignon balancing dancer Mathieu Desseigne Ravel, the French-American veejay VJ Naj, and the top flight tap dancer, the Guyanese from New York Tamangoh…
It is enough to be in New York to go around the world: both a point of convergence of all the cultural traditions of the world and a melting pot of many artistic and musical movements, the city is par excellence the capital of crossbreeding. But this tower of Babel cannot collapse because all the artists share the same language, that of rhythm. Speaking bodies, vibrating images, welcome to New York!

New York Revue was created in June 2010 in Le Havre with the support of Volcan Scène Nationale.

CABELLO performing Brazilian capoeira in "Full Cycle" with Tamango's ""Urban Tap" at the Joyce Theater, New York City, Tuesday, 03-19-2002. CREDIT: PHOTOGRAPH © 2002 JACK VARTOOGIAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Crédit photo : Jack Vartoogian